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How We Work

1) Check out our 'Simple Tips' page.

2) Visit the Contact Us page
give us a call: 504-272-7FIX (7349)

3) Explain what is going on:
- What would you like us to do?
- Do you want new stuff hooked up or software installed?
- If your computer has problems, what errors do you see?
- If it just died, please don't hit it with a frying pan.

4) We will give you a FREE estimate for repairs.

5) Schedule a repair.
We will fix it at your place* or if the problem requires more time,
we'll pick it up, do the fixes and deliver it back in 2-4 days (unless parts must be ordered).

6) We will return your repaired computer, hook it up and explain what we did to fix it."

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