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Hurricane Katrina

  • 96 images
  • 09/06/2005
  • A few donated pictures ofthe devastation of New Orleans wrought by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005.

    This was important enought that with...

Knights of Nemesis 2009

Katrina - 10 years Forward

  • 22 images
  • 08/31/2015
  • Katrina 10 years forward - a volunteer’s retrospective:

    9 years ago today - Sitting in my living room in Madison, Wisconsin, reading the paper on a...

Irish, Italian, Islenos Parade 2013

Katrina - 10 Years Forward


Added pictures of the St Bernard Parish, Louisiana area 10 years after Hurrican Katrina's winds and storm surge flooded and destroyed over 90% of the structures in St Bernard and most of New Orleans (...)

Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill


As missions of gallons of crude oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico, some of us locals were hired by BP to help 'clean' up the brown toxic sludge. first off- we did no good in cleaning (...)