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Yep, there is a lot to see here, but all these photos have been taken by me, of cool stuff, weird stuff, a few once in a lifetime shots and lots of just plain interesting images. Have fun looking around, you'll need to come back a bunch of times to even start to look through everything posted here. Some photos you may remember, some pics you may be in.

If you like what you see and what to help me out, the time, equipment & website costs add up, so I'd appreciate some help. You can buy me a (...)

Summerfest - Finally!


I'm starting to add the digital photos from over the years of Summerfest.

Probably gonna take a couple months before these galleries are fininshed as we all know how big (& long) the "World's Largest Music Festival" is.

If you see a picture in here and you'd like a copy, send me an email and we'll get it done. 

2017 - the Great American Solar Eclipse


After a failed attempt in 1979, I've waited 38yrs for the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 to happen. The first solar eclipse to cross the entire United States in early 100 years. Basically, an astronomer's dream.

I could explain it to you, but how about 8 news articles, 2 TV and 1 radio interviews?
If these don't explain it, then I'll guess you'll just have to ask me.

I have also been selected to be part of the photographic team for UC Berkely / Google's Eclipse MegaMovie Project. This will be a movie made of 1000s of submitted solar eclipse (...)



Picking up an old hoppy - astronomy.
I'm going to learn astrophotography, so I can share what I'd normally only see through an eyepiece. Now I can share space visually, rather than just audibly......

added Miami pics


After working in the Miami area for Ericsson, doing Sprint cell tower upgrades for 14 months and taking quite a few photos,
I'm adding some interesting stuff. Working mostly all night, things look and seem different in a busy touristy, beach oriented city when mostly everyone else is sleeping.....

Katrina - 10 Years Forward


Added pictures of the St Bernard Parish, Louisiana area 10 years after Hurrican Katrina's winds and storm surge flooded and destroyed over 90% of the structures in St Bernard and most of New Orleans.

These pictures are a collage from 1 year after the storm and what it looks like as of August, 2015. Amazing recovery. We love St Bernard!

Patriot Guard Riders - PGR Missions


Standing for Those Who Stood for US!
“The Patriot Guard Riders is a 100% Volunteer, Federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization which ensures dignity and respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and honorably discharged Veterans.”
Find out more here:

Added Louisiana Patriot Guard mission pictures. These date back to 2008 and will continue into the future. Most of these are military funerals. Paying our respects to those who gave (...)

Superbowl XVII


Superbowl 47 comes to the New Orleans Superdome! 
Working logistics at Superbowl Boulevard at Woldenburg Park during the week leading up to the big game was amazing. Lots to do, see and hear. Working long days, from dawn till late night, but of course I brought my camera. Take a look at the gallery of pics. It's pretty cool to see all the fans of the opposing teams getting along and partying in the French Quarter. Here you can see for yourself.....

Space Shuttle fly-over


Wow - got to witness the retired space shuttle Endeavour get flown over the NASA facility right near the house. Really cool to see it riding on the back of a slow moving 747. Didn't get alot of pics, but it only takes a couple minutes for it to pass by. Be sure to check that gallery.....

Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill


As missions of gallons of crude oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico, some of us locals were hired by BP to help 'clean' up the brown toxic sludge.

  • first off- we did no good in cleaning anything
  • second- it was BPs way of placating the locals 
  • third- BP was just spreading around $$ to keep us quiet
  • forth- in Octorber, BP just ended it all and said everything was clean.

Hahaha - liars, cheats and big business bullshit. Spread around a bunch of money and think that will make evrything ok (...)